Placing it All Collectively: The search for a Pocket Laptop Cell phone

When I decided that I essential to substitute my terribly out of day cell cell phone – an previous Nextel i1000plus – my ideas at some point wandered towards a pda cellphone. For people that know me this probably seemed like a no brainer. I have a long historical past of pda dependence heading back several years to a Palm 3X. On the other hand, I presently experienced a pda that I was very satisfied with. For the last 12 months and a half I experienced used my HP iPAQ 2215 for almost everything from a PDA (Particular Electronic Assistant), an e-reserve reader, an MP3 participant, a picture wallet, an alarm clock, a cell web browser(using a compact flash wifi card), among a lot of other issues. Seeking to cram a telephone in to all of this appeared overpowering, but curiosity – and my will need for a new gadget – received the improved of me. My search was twofold – search for a new mobile phone and a new company. With my current cellular provider I did not get any reception in my property so I wanted to uncover a carrier that did.

Through several unscientific suggests these types of as my individual impression polls of good friends and get the job done associates in conjunction with some web research I whittled my way down to possibly Cingular or Verizon. Both tended to get large marks from the people I polled and the from world wide web research. With this portion of the equation worked out I went on the web to see what variety of telephones each individual had to offer you. I was prepared to go with a two yr determination in the hopes of receiving a greater deal on cellular phone and approach pricing. In addition I needed to get a group approach the place my wife and I could share minutes.

So, now I’m looking on each individual company’s respective web sites for their point out of the art Pocket Computer system phones. I am not conversing about the Intelligent telephones – these are the telephones with Pocket Pc software program jammed into a tiny small display screen that isn’t really even a touch display screen – that just wouldn’t satisfy my requires. I am talking about the total blown, “why are you talking into your calculator?” Pocket Personal computer telephones – the uber-geek, pocket protector involved variety of micro laptop or computer powerhouse. Following all, I am married now and I am really not nervous about public opinion or impressing any one with my modern, classy, hot new mobile cellphone.

I’m hoping to spend around $300.00. I determine I can offer my iPAQ 2215 on eBAY for $200.
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00 and $a hundred.00 for a new telephone appears like a really fantastic deal.

So, what I come across is one particular heck of a cost tag. Verizon has the substantially talked about Treo seven-hundred. This is the first Treo with the Pocket Personal computer functioning program – Home windows Cell five.. This comes in at $five hundred.00. Way way too pricey for me and it doesn’t even have Wifi.

Cingular’s greatest price tag on a PocketPC mobile phone wasn’t much better. I could get an HP iPAQ hw6510 for $400.00. Once again, no wifi. This is a genuine sticking stage for me. I will not see any cause why a gadget made for conversation would leave out this significant specification. Currently being capable to link to an 802.11b/g wireless community when it is out there is a requirement.

Okay, back again to the drawing board, perhaps I can attempt this from a distinctive angle – Ebay.

Searching up “Pocket Computer system mobile phone” on eBay will get you very a good deal of hits with a good assortment of newer and older Pocket Laptop phones. At this point I am thinking that I could get one thing probably somewhat made use of that would meet up with all of my necessities. This would also give me a very good cross segment of specifically what is out there and what capabilities are available in this type of gadget.
Just after likely as a result of rather a good deal of auction descriptions and cross referencing maker web websites I had set my web sites on a individual cell phone, the Siemens SX66. This distinct cellphone/pda combo experienced been available by Cingular until recently and it no for a longer period showed on their website. It appeared to suit my wish list: a quickly 400mhz xscale processor, wifi, Bluetooth, SDIO slot and it experienced a slide out keyboard for textual content input. So, I watched a couple of auctions and retained an eye on the rates.

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