When Did LED Desk Lamps Get So High Tech?

Continuous product development, investment in facilities and human resource training in the design of LED desk lamps is indeed providing us with an astonishing range of high tech lamps. Some of these lamps double as charging bases and music playback stands for Apple products like the iPhone and iPod, can include FM radio and Bluetooth, as well as providing amazing lamp diode brightness control and color rendering.

Semiconductor Heart

LEDs or light emitting diodes are extraordinary in themselves. Opening up an LED, we find at its heart not a wire but a semiconductor. And engineers are constantly exploring the potential and versatility of semiconductors for transforming our lives, from using it for wireless data streaming and in-flight networking, to secure communication systems and yes, LED desk lamps with unusual benefits.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most attractive attributes of an LED is its energy efficiency. The quality of light produced by a low watt desk lamp can produce as much light as an incandescent light bulb seven times stronger in wattage. This represents a huge saving in energy both immediately and in the longer term as LEDs last a really long time and rarely need replacement LED Desk Lamp.

Luxurious Brightness

The better quality LED are a real pleasure to use compared with traditional lighting. There are color modes appropriate for reading, studying, relaxing and sleeping. Each color mode provides luxurious brightness adapted for our pleasurable experience. The four modes are a great fit to our needs in this range of situations, either enhancing our concentration or improving our ability to get rest.

Touch Sensors

Every function of this wave of wonderful LED desk lamps is controlled simply through touch sensor. Producing light that enables us to distinguish the exact color of objects, the touch sensors allow our control of modes for increasing memorizing skill, increasing attention and concentration, maximizing stability and helping to reduce tiredness. Some lamps are also fitted with a 60-second timer, allowing us to simply touch the base and have the lamp turn off an hour later.

Sleek Designs

Future forward thinking is incorporated into every aspect of the design of these smart LED desk lamps. Reflecting trends in IT equipment, the sleek designs provide a sturdy base and flexible joints that allow efficient rotation of the lamp head to a position we find comfortable and accurate. The movement is very precise.


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