Tips on how to Interpret Dreams

The way to have Good dreams

Have you been viewing bad dreams lately? Are you struggling with a horrible repetitive dream that trips you once every few days? Do you wish to have Good dreams?

We human beings have mastered self deception to the extent that we learned how to develop a lie, live it and think it. Dream interpretation is one of the most misinterpreted sciences in our modern times and one of the most fields that people make uninformed conclusions about them then believe in all of them.

I got lots of mails from people telling me that whenever they see someone dying in a dream he dies later on. My usual response to such an mail is “And the number of times have you seen things happening in dreams that never occurred in real life? ”

When interpreting dreams, lots of people try to link to the particular dream to their own world then have confidence in the link they created even though it has no scientific base. In this article I will clarify what dreams really are and how you could have Good dreams.

What dreams really mean?

Dream interpretation code:

2. We dream of the present or previous, not the future: Dreams are glare of situations that already occurred while you were awake. If you faced a stressful day or had a difficult week then the probability of seeing a bad dream will become very high.

2. We dream of Unmet needs: Unmet needs or chronic problems that were unable solved yet are one huge source of bad dreams and they are furthermore one of the main causes of recurring dreams. Your own subconscious mind communicates with you while you are asleep in the form of dreams and it will remind you of your problems, unmet needs and the horrible situations you confronted.

* We Dream in symbols: The subconscious mind doesn’t get in touch with you directly but instead it decodes the message into symbols, one example is if you are worried about a work related problem you might dream that you arrived late to an exam. At the 1st glance the two situations might show up unrelated but when looking further you will find that they are both a reflection of stress and anxiety.

* Everyone has his own set of symbols: I am sure you have visited among those sites that told you that viewing a Dog is a Good sign because dogs are loyal while seeing the cat is bad because pet cats are Evil. Sadly those people have got completely lost direction because if We fear dogs then surely viewing a dog in my dream is a rendering of my fears while regarding someone else who loves dogs it might be a Good sign to see a Dog in the dream. In short, dream interpretation directories are nonsense unless the book is aligned with your own belief program. To find out more information about http://xn— take a look at our own internet site.

How to have Good dreams
Unlike common beliefs, Our dreams begin when we are awake not while we are asleep. If your life is filled with stress, unmet needs, problems that you happen to be ignoring or accumulated guilt that you simply never dealt with then surely your dreams won’t be any better.

* Fix your life to have Good dreams: If you want to change your dreams from bad ones to Good ones then you must change your life first, solve your own problems, deal with stress and fulfill your unmet needs.

* Learn new skills and you will use them inside your dreams: If you always dream that individuals are bullying you then as soon as you start learning any martial art you will find that you happen to be using it in the dream. Our thoughts searches its skill base to find out the right action to be taken in a fantasy and whenever we learn a new skill in real life its added to our skill base and we can use it in a dream

* Sleeping problems affects the dreams: An experiment was done where bright light had been focused on the closed eye of the dreamer and the result was dreaming that his house was burning!! (of course stress must have added to the dream but in addition, light added the fire effect to the dream) Make sure that your bed, room plus external environment supports a Good rest

* Our ears work while we are asleep so make sure you avoid listen to crap: People who sleep while you’re watching TV receive messages that goes directly to their subconscious minds through their ears. Make sure you shut the TV before you sleep and don’t watch theatre, horror or meaningless shows whilst before sleeping.

* Lucid thinking: Yes there are techniques that can help you be in control of your dream while as being a sleep but I am completely against altering or blocking one of the most important communication channels between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind which is dreaming

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