3 Tips to Having a Successful First Time

You happen to be single and lonely. You would like to find that special guy, but you have not experienced much luck in the dating game. You might have gone out on a few dates, yet have come up short on getting that all important second date. You find yourself puzzled as to why you were not asked out there again? Here are 3 tips to help there is a successful first date and move closer to finding your true love.

The first tip to having a successful first day is to be on time. Nothing will destroy your shot at romance quicker than arriving late for the day. This conveys a lack of respect for that other person’s time. It may also connect a lack of interest in developing a relationship together. They will get the message and make sure you don’t get a second chance. If you are going to be late, then show them common courtesy and let them know as quickly as possible.

The second tip to having a successful first date is to be well-groomed. This starts with ensuring your breath is freshened and your clothes are clean. It is OK to feel comfortable about your body just make sure your own clothing is not too tight fitted.
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This may create the wrong perception inside your date’s mind about you. Never leave anything too chance within your grooming. Most guys like and respect women that take the time to look their best.

The third tip to having a successful first date is to pay attention to your body language. Research suggests that as much as seventy percent of all communication between individuals is nonverbal. This means that most people communicate their true thoughts, intentions plus feelings using body language. Most people make use of this information to help them get clues about your true motives. Do you appear to be engaged in your conversation or distant? Are you looking at your watch or maintaining good eye contact with them? Are you currently having fun or do you appear to be tired? Pay attention to your body language so you avoid accidentally communicate a lack of interest in possessing a second date.

These common sense guidelines will put you in the greatest position to have a very successful initial date. If you have a good first time, then the chances are great that you will be rewarded with a second one.

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